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About Us



H ere at Kid Planet Daycare,  our mission is to provide child care that meets the needs of each child and family​ in a safe, educational environment. We pride our Family daycare's focus on the individual needs of each child, while providing quality, reliable and safe child care. Kid Planet Daycare offers the opportunity for each child to develop physically, socially and cognitively according to their individual learning style. Each child is considered unique in temperament and rate of development. The early years of a child’s life are busy. We believe learning is happening all the time and is interwoven through all developmental domains. These include: physical, social/emotional, cognitive and communication. Therefore, the goal of our program is to make this ongoing learning experience safe, positive, and fun, nurturing the whole child as we strive to guide them into the next stage of development with confidence in themselves and an excitement for continued learning. 

At Kid Planet daycare, we give children time to discover, space to imagine and the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities in their everyday play.

Here are a few well-recognized facts about play:

       -Play is the key element of learning for preschool-age children

       -Imaginary play holds a rich potential for promoting children’s cognitive, linguistic, social and physical                        development.

       -When activities are interesting and important to the child, they are eager to learn new vocabulary, physical skills, social behaviors, etc. We learn by doing, creating - Playing!

Observing children’s spontaneous play is a window into their ideas and feelings about the world. As such, it is a rich source of ideas for activity planning.

 I have learned that music can bridge gaps, making circle time fun and age appropriate for all levels. Helping to develop creativity in children is not always product orientated. Playing with building blocks, play dough, sensory tables, and other media are all forms of creative expression and/or art. Dramatic play, language arts, science and math activities, as well as outdoor play are all a part of the program.

We welcome you and your family to Kid Planet and look forward to growing together.





Our response to Covid-19

Here at Kid Planet Daycare our first priority is the safety and well being of our students and there families. We have additional safety measures put in place to help prevent covid 19.  We have expanded our play areas and have strict cleaning routines in place. Along with daily health screening prior to entering  our home we have in place a twice daily temperature check for our students and staff. Strict procedures on cleaning and disinfecting are in place and with additional staff we will be able to have smaller groups. We are in complete compliance with all state and county preventive measures. For additional information please feel free to contact us.

Our Values


early learning


environmentally conscience 

    care & comassion

fun with friends

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