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Daily Routine 

6:00am               morning greetings/ breakfast    

7:00am                  Morning free play 

8:00am                   Indoor fun time, grocery store (dramatic play), blocks, puzzles, dolls books, etc.

9:00am                   Snack

9:20am                    Potty/diapers

9:45am                    Outdoor Fun- free play, sand box, bubbles, water table

11:15am                     Circle Time - preschool curriculum songs, stories, dancing, art, discovery

12:00pm                 Clean up, wash up, get ready for lunch

12:15pm                    Lunch

12:45pm                   Potty/diapers

1:00pm                   Nap Time

3:00pm                   Wake up--potty/diapers, quiet play

4:00pm                   Snack

4:20pm                    Indoor or outdoor fun, water/sand play or an art project, pretend play, puzzles, etc.

5:30pm                   Last pick-up time

We go with the flow!

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