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Reviews from parents 

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Elisa Williams


May 2023

We LOVE Kid Planet Daycare!! I couldn't be more happy with our experience with them. They are so loving with my son and feel like an extension of our own family. I highly recommend!


Kaitlin Ochipinti


Novenber 2022

Love everything about this daycare. Highly recommend it.




October 2022 Our daughter spent about a month at Kid Planet, the only reason we left was that she got off the waitlist at a preschool. Cindy, Cathy and Edna are so caring and kind, they are somehow able to give all the kids individual attention and plan fun activities each day. I also appreciated that they serve great and healthy food every day. Thank you Kid Planet!

Ploynapat P


September 2022 I waited until 2 months after I enrolled my baby here before I posted my review to make sure give accurate information to parent out there. First time parent, after a lot of research and tour, we end up here. My covid baby need only one week to get familiar with teacher/team. Actually, she is better since day 2. I have to admitted that they taking a very good care of the kids with a lot of fun activities. We feel so lucky and stress relief. Baby is so so happy and has a very good development in many aspects (social, language, etc.). Now, she even open her arms to Cindy or Cathy when she arrives there.

Barbara M


10/06/2020Being new to San Diego, we had a tough time finding care for our daughter. Both my husband and i work full time and there is nothing like having peace of mind when you leave your child at daycare. We were so blessed to find kid planet! We could not be happier with kid planet daycare. Our daughter attended kid planet daycare for 2 years. She was always happy to go to daycare. Both Amanda and Cindy are amazing. She learned so much, meals were provided as well as diapers, and had plenty of outdoor playtime. The teachers are very communicative, and I even received pictures throughout the day. We relocated back to the east coast and our daughter still asks about going to daycare all of the time! Highly recommend!


Sarah F


09/29/2020 We love kid planet daycare!!! I feel so lucky to have found this daycare! My son is happy there and I know he's being well taken care of. They do a lot of different activities and my son has learned a lot since he's been there. It's also really nice that healthy meals and snacks are provided as well as diapers! So all I have to remember in the morning is my son! ;)


Yanina H


09/11/2019 My 4 year old son has autism and is non-verbal so I didn't think that anybody besides family members would do but I was wrong. It feels so great to know my son is not only ok but he's having fun, learning, socializing, getting love and affection and most importantly he's happy.

I even get texts of pictures of my son having fun. My son didn't play or eat but since putting him in Kids Planet he has learned to play (even at home by himself), he now puts food in his mouth and interacts with me a lot more. I feel being around other kids is important for his development and the care and love  Cindy and Amanda provide me peace of mind. I truly am grateful to have found Kids Planet.


Julia M


10/15/2018 Our daughter attended Kid Planet Daycare for a year and a half - from 12 months, until she was ready for preschool at 2 1/2 and she absolutely thrived in the environment. Amanda and Cindy provide such a loving and nurturing experience for the children, which is perfectly suited for easing small children into daycare. Our daughter loved going to Kid Planet every day. There were so many fun things to do, including art projects, singing and dancing, cooking, and taking walks and field trips. What strikes me most is how much our daughter's experience at Kid Planet has stayed with her. Almost nine months after moving on to preschool, our daughter still talks about Amanda as her favorite teacher and her friends at Kid Planet as her "best friends." We, honestly, couldn't have asked for a better experience for her during her first couple of years.




09/26/2016My daughters attended Kid Planet and absolutely loved it. Every day when I went to pick them up, I would have to drag them away as they didn't want to leave! Very caring staff, tons of great activities, good food - highly recommended!


Shaffana C


09/26/2016We love love Kid Planet Daycare! We currently send our 20 month old daughter to Amanda, but also sent our son as well when he turned 11 months! We can't say enough positive things about Amanda and Kid Planet Daycare. I first was attracted to the daycare because of the healthy organic food being served, but then came to realize that the environment was amazing; loving, educational and fun My daughter loves going to daycare and waits by the door every morning in anticipation to see Amanda, her staff and her new found friends! I'm so thankful that my daughter loves it as much as we do! It's been such a blessing!





09/24/2016My son attended Kid Planet as a toddler. Amanda provides a caring environment where kids feel loved and can comfortably explore the world around them. The play-based learning structure worked well for my son. At drop off and pick up, all of the children were always happy & engaged, which made me feel comfortable that I had made a quality choice for care.





09/23/2016Our son attended Kid Planet for two years as a toddler, and I still miss the warm and loving community there! Amanda kept the place tidy at all times, she always used natural cleaning products, and she fed the children organic meals. Even more importantly, she and the assistants showered the children with affection, giving plenty of hugs and teaching the children basic social skills in a gentle manner. We strongly recommend Kid Planet!




09/23/2016 We are so thankful we found Kid Planet Daycare! We are a 1 child household, with both parents working "traditional" full-time, M-F, office jobs. Our daughter started attending Kid Planet at 6 months old and has absolutely thrived there (now 28 months old!). From healthy food, educational projects, yoga and gardening to making great friends, being loved and well cared for each and every day - Kid Planet is the perfect daycare for our family. We believe our daughters thriving communication and social skills are thanks in large part to her time at Kid Planet. But perhaps our favorite part is seeing how excited she is to go there. She talks about her friends and teachers on the weekend, tells us stories about the games they play, and frequently tells us how much she loves everyone there. I'll never forget coming back from family vacation and her running up to each child and teacher saying "I love you! I missed you!"

We highly recommend Kid Planet to our friends and we would be happy to personally share more details of our experience or answer any parent-to-parent questions.

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